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Dr Cary DeSmidtDr. Cary DeSmidt is a board certified chiropractic physician who graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas.

She grew up in a town an hour outside of Chicago, Illiniois, graduating from North Park University  with an undergraduate degree in Biology.  Although she has spent most of her life in the Midwest, she is pleased to have the opportunity to deliver chiropractic care to the people around  Charleston, South Carolina.

Dr DeSmidt is trained in cranial adjustments Turner style (C.A.T.S), non-surgical Cosmetic Correction Technique for facial distortions, Webster technique (WT), and Advanced Clinical Kinesiology (ACK) using meridian therapy (an Eastern healing art).

Dr. DeSmidt found that chiropractic greatly improved her quality of life as a freshman in high school.  With treatment, she was able to perform athletically without using an inhaler at track meets and tennis matches, as well as participate in swim meets without the annual bout of bronchitis. More noticeably, were the chronic ear infections since birth and constant use of medication that became non-existent with chiropractic adjustments, improving her overall hearing. She began to “practice what had been preached” to her by implementing more organic and raw foods, sprouting foods, juicing, and pro-biotics to aid in digestion and allow her body to heal.

It was during graduate school, that Dr. DeSmidt realized the importance of fitness and health in today's  society. To better assist patients with physical exercise “do's,” she worked with both experienced trainers and chiropractors to understand how to keep the brain and spine functioning at a higher level by using specific exercise techniques, weights, and body weight to stay in shape. It was through her learning and applying on a daily basis that enabled her to participate in the Texas Shredder Figure Competition before graduating. With her experience, Dr. DeSmidt has helped patients, sport enthusiasts, body builders, and the injured- male and female. Whether you have many years of exercising or just looking to start exercising, Dr. DeSmidt can assist you.

An advocate for infants and children with autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, and other common conditions, Dr. DeSmidt works with parents to enable their children to live life to their highest potential. Chiropractic care has helped many children reach a whole new level of function in all areas and aspects of life. 

Dr. DeSmidt has recently become a distinguished member of The Foundation for Wellness Professionals and has been honored as the key note speaker for pregnant women in the Charleston community. Dr. DeSmidt is delighted to volunteer her time to educate the community, corporations, churches, and organizations on topics such as health, nutrition, ways to increase your energy, balancing hormones naturally, pregnancy, and detoxification.

Dr. DeSmidt challenges the community to change their approach to total body health and wellness through a natural approach of removing interference to the nervous system through chiropractic adjustments. Her passion to serve people in the community is seen everyday with her dedication and love for her patients.

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