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Understanding How the Brain Functions with Learning Difficulties

Ever wondered how so many children are being misdiagnosed with learning difficulties? Have you ever wondered what part of the brain is responsible for helping us process information? At Your Charleston Health, we are fully committed to helping individuals understand each phase of our services. Today, we’ll discuss how the brain functions and why it’s so confusing at times.

How Children are Misdiagnosed as Having Learning Difficulties

Diagnosing learning difficulties should only be done by a qualified professional. However, the problem occurs when non-professionals try to diagnose it. When a child is experiencing difficulty in school, it doesn’t always mean they suffer from a learning difficulty. They may be experiencing stress, depression, emotional trauma or other condition.

Learning Difficulties Explained Easy

While there is no concrete evidence that suggests we can determine learning difficulties of this example, it’s still fascinating to look. When looking at the brain, you’ll notice that there are two sides called Hemispheres.

  • The Left Hemisphere - Controls language, math and logic. This side of the brain helps us to perform calculations, solve math problems and formulate reason. In addition, this side helps us to read & comprehend written words and understand oral communication.
  • The Right Hemisphere – Controls our spatial abilities, face recognition, the way we process through our eyes and music. Many people might call this side their “creative side” of the brain.

Individuals suffering from dyslexia may have difficulty reading, spelling, writing or speaking. Dyscalculia patients have difficulty with math. Dysgraphia patients have difficulty writing and spelling. Auditory Processing disorder patients have a difficult time hearing differences between different sounds. These learning difficulties are all associated with the left side of the brain.

Your Charleston Health Helps Children with Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties doesn’t have to be tackled alone. At Your Charleston Health, our mission is to improve your quality of life by providing professional Cranial Adjustments and wellness care for everyone in your household. Stop by our local office located on Coleman Blvd or call us at (843)654-4540 today. You can also contact us by clicking here!

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