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Discover What Happens to the Brain during a Concussion

cranial2Did you know that all concussions are not the same? Many people associate a concussion when someone is directly hit in the head with a blunt object. However, a violent sudden movement in your head can also make you feel stunned, dazed or seeing doubles. At Your Charleston Health, we are here to help you understand what happens to the brain when a concussion occurs.

How One Mother Helped Her Son Recover from a Concussion

During a high school championship football game, a young man had a collision with two other players. With all three boys down on ground motionless, the coaches from both teams rushed out onto the field. The mother rushed onto the field minutes later when motioned over by her son’s coach. He knew the boy’s mother was a chiropractor.

Once the boy was carried to the sidelines, he complained of a headache, dizziness and blurry vision. He didn’t even remember where he was or what happened. Once the boy arrived home, the mother noticed that his first and second cervical vertebrae out of place. She also noticed his skull was misaligned. After making adjustments to both, all of his symptoms went away.

What Happens During a Concussion

All it takes is a single blow to the head for it to cause damage to the brain in multiple ways. When the head is hit hard, the brain bounces of the side of the skull. Sensitive brain tissues, neurons and axons become stretched, twisted and torn.

This explains why you can receive a concussion even when you are not directly hit on your head. When brain nerves are pulled and twisted, the impact can be felt in all portions of the brain. This ripple effect can cause severe damage to the base as well as other parts of the brain.

Your Charleston Health Is Here for Concussion Victims

If you or a loved one recently suffered a concussion, we are here to help! At Your Charleston Health, our mission is to improve your quality of life by providing professional chiropractic and wellness care for anyone who has suffered a concussion. Stop by our local office located on Coleman Blvd or call us at (843)654-4540 today. You can also contact us by clicking here!

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