Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Wondering if there is some kind of way to relieve back pain without having surgery? Your Charleston Health is here to help you get your life back!

2 Cranial Adjustments Helped a 56 Year Old Man’s Headache Problems Go Away!

Thursday, 10 December 2015 10:42

The Facts Surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders is a complex condition that affects normal functioning of the gastrointestinal, immune, hepatic, endocrine and nervous systems. It impacts normal brain development. Children with this disorder commonly have difficulty communicating, participating in social interactions and having restrictions on activities and interests.

However, there are some areas of development where a child with autism develops skills beyond their years in other areas such as an improved visual spatial ability. An accelerated interest in drawing and music skills may be experienced. Other areas that can show strength include reading, non-verbal reasoning and exceptional memory.

It’s not uncommon to suffer multiple concussions throughout a lifetime. For many people, depression can set in as a condition based off a concussion. Loss of interest in activities you used to love doing, poor communication skills or short attention spans are common symptoms from multiple concussions. Your Charleston Health is here to help ease symptoms from concussions.

Do you suffer from learning problems or have difficulty concentrating? Are you finding it difficult to read or write? In this short video, you will discover the benefits of how cranial adjustments can help you!

Ever wondered how so many children are being misdiagnosed with learning difficulties? Have you ever wondered what part of the brain is responsible for helping us process information? At Your Charleston Health, we are fully committed to helping individuals understand each phase of our services. Today, we’ll discuss how the brain functions and why it’s so confusing at times.

Did you know swelling in the brain can be caused by many ways? A severe blow to the head, low blood sodium count, brain tumors or blockade to fluid drainage can be the reason. Serious head injury symptoms include frequent headaches, confusion, dizziness, nausea, seizures and unconsciousness. Check out this example of brain swelling after experiencing an accident.

Did you know the two most common areas of functions to be affected – in autism patients - are behavior and speech? Many autism patients have difficulties including frequent headaches and a decreased ability for the brain to function properly. Studies have shown that by correcting the position of the skull, great results can be gained.

A migraine headache can come during the worst time possible. It could happen will visiting family members, preparing for a holiday meal or even when you’re out enjoying a vacation. Unfortunately, the intense pain felt from these kinds of headaches can practically paralyze you for days. They can last from as little as a few hours to as long as a few days. 

cranial2Did you know that all concussions are not the same? Many people associate a concussion when someone is directly hit in the head with a blunt object. However, a violent sudden movement in your head can also make you feel stunned, dazed or seeing doubles. At Your Charleston Health, we are here to help you understand what happens to the brain when a concussion occurs.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 09:11

Discover the True Benefits of ageLOC Youth!

In this fascinating video, Joe Chang, Chief Scientific Officer, and Angela Mastaloudis, Senior Scientist, explains all the benefits of ageLOC Youth. You’ll learn why having the most-healthy diet can’t guarantee you are getting the same ingredients at this product does. The video also tells how each ingredient was selected and why they were selected.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 14:28

Aging Younger Made Easier with ageLOC Youth

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What if ONE product was destined to change the supplement world and that everyone educated about it would want it? How much more healthy energy, mobility, mental acuity and vitality would people have without low grade inflammation in the body? What if science had moved beyond supplementation so that the body actually created its own antioxidants?

The Macintosh operating system contains a subprogram called "Time Machine" that allows you to reset your status to any previously saved state. Provided that you have designated a location for backups, you can literally go back in time and recover documents, directories, and applications you may have overwritten, deleted, or otherwise lost. "Time Machine" is a marvelous productivity tool that permits us to recover from our mistakes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had a similar "Time Machine" that would enable us to recover our lost good health? The very good news is that we do.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 19:00

When the Cure is Worse than the Disease

Chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes have increasingly high prevalence in world populations.1 Such prevalence is rising despite extensive use of prescription medications. Problematically, many people have two or more concurrent chronic disorders and are taking multiple medications. But frequently the various physicians are not in contact and are not aware of the patient's complete list of current prescriptions. No single physician or nurse is managing the patient's array of medications. As a result, potentially harmful drug interactions are a common occurrence.2,3 Mistakes are made and patients may suffer serious side effects. In such adverse circumstances, the cure in fact may be worse than the disease.

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